The University of Californis Santa Cruz Campus (UCSC) is the other major half of the political partnership that is needed to to implement a Santa Cruz PRT system.

In the 2008 Comprehensive Settlement Agreement regarding issues between the community, the City, and UCSC, the parties agreed to spend $100,000.00 to explore a non-roadway transit system between the campus and Downtown. PRT is the only obvious modality to accomplish this. This effort was conveined in the late Spring of 2009.

UCSC Chancellor George Blumenthal has been briefed many times about the merits of PRT and is well aware of its potential to resolve the current traffic overload. UCSC decisions would be reached by Chancellor Blumenthal in concert with his staff.

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Chancellor George Blumenthal* Administration Organization (a new window will be opened *UCSC does not allow their webpages to be displayed in our frams)

Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Alison Galloway (A new window will be opened*)

Vice Chancellor of University Relations, Keith Brant
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Vice Chancellor of Planning & Budget, Margaret Delaney
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Vice Chancellor, Business & Administrative Services
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