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Our origins were in the Santa Cruz Citizens for Personal Rapid Transit ( CPRT ) group, started by Dr. David Walworth, a retired physician in the mid 1990s. With a diverse membership, we have neither partisan nor commercial interests. We like to think that our first loyalty is to our community and to our quality of life that must be preserved for succeeding generations

Ed Porter is the current chairman of Santa Cruz PRT, Inc. Ed is a retired teacher and engineer with  long-term interest and activity in  environmental issues. He seeks to provide safer transportation in Santa Cruz while removing the time-wasting traffic jams saying that automobile grid-lock is absurd to tolerate in such a tiny city as Santa Cruz. 

Our Treasurer, Mathilde Rand, is a retired school principal and an activist in numerous public benefit organizations in Santa Cruz. She is also the Producer of our informative video titled: "What's Moving Santa Cruz" 2012 version. You can see it on and a link is above and also, on our home page.

We always welcome new members, especially from any discipline that is not yet represented by any member in our group.

We meet auuually and when events warrant. Typically, the fourth Sunday of a month, at 10:00 AM. Our typical meeting includes a Sunday Brunch.

Please email us with any comments or questions, or, for the next confirmed meeting date, time, and location and come by for some brunch and conversation!

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