PRT Decision Makers: Elected Officials


1. Santa Cruz City Council: The City Council is the elected body with the most influence over PRT planning and Decisions. See the official City Council Website.

2. The Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors: The Board of Supervisors has major influence over any PRT planning process, as well as over decisions about whether or not to make any committments to PRT. All of the members of the Board sit at one time or another on both the Metropolitan Transit District Boar as well as the Santa Cruz Regional Transportation Commission Board. The Third District Supervisor is most directly involved since the City of Santa Cruz makes up the majority of the third district. At a later date, if a PRT system is successful in Santa Cruz, there will be doubtless be interest in its expansion into other areas of the County outside the City and in other Supervisor's districts besides the third district. See the official Board of Supervisors Website.



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