Websitres with Useful PRT Information

PRT Potential in Austin Texas
Santa Cruz PRT Facebook page (a multiple-year journal of PRT / ATN news) (Opens in a new window)
Automated People and Goods Movers in Greenville South Caroline ( PRT Feasability Study)

China Daily News: On the Maglev train from the airport to Shanghai
Computer Images of PRT: Stan3D.com
Get There Fast: With great Video clips to view
Indianapolis Clarian Health Automated People Mover
Metro, Light Rail and Tramlines in Europe: See http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=65822 (Opens in a new window)
Open Directory Project (PRT Overview)
Princeton University Students propose PRT
University of Washington: Innovative Transit Technologies - PRT
University of Washington: Suspended Urban Transit Technologies
University of Washington: What's New in PRT
Wikipedia Describes Personal Rapid Transit in Detail

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