PRT Political Considerations


The Santa Cruz City Council will make top level political decisions in any approval of PRT in Santa Cruz. The largest part of any such decision is to contract for the use of rights-of-way, mostly on City streets and over curbs and sidewalks. Such rights-of-way are absolutely necessary for any PRT system here. As a result, the City brings a major asset to the table in the consideration of a PRT system.

UCSC brings the same interest to the table although possibly to a lesser degree because of the relatively shorter distances that PRT would have to travel over University property.

Santa Cruz has a long standing committment to its transit system operated by the Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District (Metro). It needs to be made clear that the existing transit system must ge strengthened in order to function symbiotically with PRT. PRT will bring new levels of ridership to Metro and, without Metro, PRT cannot achieve its needed ridership. This will mean new revenues comming to Metro from PRT as well as the possibility of new investment capital. If Metro and the PRT system are under the same management, this will mean more and better opportunities for transit employment. The Metro Board of Directors as well as its administration will play a key role in securing an effective PRT system

If any State or Federal funding are forthcomming for a Santa Cruz PRT system, the Santa Cruz Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) will likely play a key role. PRT will need to cross the former Union Pacific Railroad tracks, possibly at multiple locations. Ownership of this railroad right of way has been purchased by the RTC. Efforts asre underway to begin rail line passenger service. PRT would form a very effective link to any such passenger service. All this means that the RTC must play a prominent part in the development of any PRT system in Santa Cruz County.

A Santa Cruz PRT system linking to UCSC will need to cross highway one. As a result, Caltrans will be a part of the planning and approval process.


To construct a PRT system for public use, an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) would be needed.


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