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Santa Cruz PRT is strongly encouraging the City and the University to include a robust planning process in consideration of a new transportation system. Such a concept is characterized in section 4.14 of the City-UCSC Comprehensive Settlement Agreement entered by the parties in the year 2008.

Section 4.14 of the agreement says this:

"4.14 UCSC, and the City and CLUE shall make their best effort to jointly plan and implement a public transportation system capable of reducing the use of City streets and traffic congestion on City streets. Specific tasks of this planning effort (as far as financially feasible with available funds under this section) will include, but not be limitted to, identification of preferred technologies, routes, and rights of way, and identification of probable ridershop and financing. UCSC and the City will each commit $50,000 towards the effort."

In order for our City transportation issues to be completely addressed, PRT must be seriously considered as one of, if not THE leading option for any new transportation system. Such a system needs to be designed to attract people away from single passenger automobiles.

Santa Cruz PRT has also encouraged leading PRT vendors to come to Santa Cruz, meet with our leadership, and consider the excellent possibilities of developing a demonstration system here. Fourteen such vendors submitted proposals to the City of Santa Cruz in the year 2008. as of January 2016, the City has not yet responded to those proposals or even sent replies to those who submitted them.


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