What is PRT?



PRT stands for Personal Rapid Transit. It is a system of small, automated, computer controlled cars traveling on a fixed guideway or rail. Passengers select their destinations and gain entrance to the car with their own cardkey. Cars are routed by the passengers and travel automatically from origin to destination non-stop.

PRT or ATN (Automated Transportation Networks) has many similarities to "self-driving" or "robo-cars". However, The MAJOR difference involves SAFETY. PRT cars travel on their own DEDICATED guideway. Thus, collisions with other cars, trucks, trains, or pedestrians are practically eliminated as being risks of using PRT. In FACT, the Morgantown and London Heathrow PRT systems have now accomplished literally millions of passenger miles without a single fatality or even serious injury of any kind.

It is THIS high degree of safety that makes PRT so superior! In the USA EVERY YEAR, more than 30,000 people are killed in automobile accidents. Countless thousands more are seriously injured or maimed. The SAFETY of PRT offers a stunning contrast and a moral imperative!

And, it's GREEN! We advocate placing a canopy of solar panels over the guideway so that the electricity required for this system will be entirely renewable with no need for consumption of fossil fuels. Because it's automated like an elevator and solar powered, this PRT technology offers the lwest cost per passenger mile of all known transportation modalities!


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