Why PRT in Santa Cruz?


The logistics of Santa Cruz favor PRT.  Our very substantial traffic problems are related largely to the University campus on a hill on the edge of the City.  There is very limited road access to campus.  We need more and better public transit to serve this captive audience and to protect the residential ambiance of the City.  We also have a thriving tourist industry which is now restricted because transit is so difficult and immersed in automobile traffic jams. PRT is admirably suited to dramatically enhance both these areas of transit.  

Santa Cruz is an environmentally conscious community.  In Santa Cruz, PRT powered by solar panels can create an unprecidented demonstration of a community facing the challenge of excessive carbon emissions of past and present and help us do our fair share in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. PRT gives us a chance to be a LEADER!

The cost of adding ANY new transportation capacity is high. But, in a comparison of all of the possible options, PRT offers an installation cost ranging from one quarter to one tenth the cost of the other possible options.

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